Monday, November 12, 2007

Blending of Data and Omni-Functionality


Fig 1. Vector Drawing done using a web utility. Web formats are transforming from bitmap-driven formats to vector driven formats like VML, SVG and Flash.

For over 30 years, software scientists have been attempting to organize data into binary shelves, and drawing up algorithms to make sense out of it. Needlessly to say, countless number of applications have been created to handle the ocean of data. The clutter has not diminished - with more complex combinations of apps and data - apparently preserving IT jobs.

Complexity feeds job security, and that breeds more complexity.

Well, this is ok in a corporate world - to keep one's job. With jobs being done half-a-world-away and half-a-day-ahead, life-as-we-knew-it has changed. And who wants his or her life to be more complex than it should be.

It is time for omni-functionality to take the center stage. The world of segmentation is loosing its luster and lucre. We need a way of thinking that is simple, unified, and aspect centric - not data centric.

The new web will be composed of applications that rise out of separate siloes and implementations - into a seamless medium where data and functions blur.

Imagine a world where the web calculates better than Excel, presents better than Powerpoint, composes better than Word, connected more than outlook, browses better than Internet Explorer, and draws better than Visio/Adobe.

Do you want to wait another three years?